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Download the presentations of 4th European Workshop Meeting of the White Certificates Club, 30 June 2017, Paris...

In 2011, ATEE took the initiative of starting a workshop cycle on Energy Efficiency Obligations (EEO) in Europe named White Certificates Club. The workshops are open to those who wish to share practice of the different regulatory Energy Efficiency Obligation systems and especially White Certificates schemes in Europe.
With the implementation of article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), EEOs are spreading over Europe, with 15 Member States involved (12 EEOs in place, and 3 EEOs to be started soon or under redesign). As a whole more than 50 states worldwide are now implementing EEO schemes.
As a consequence supporting project/studies on EEO are emerging, as the ENSPOL project in Europe, supporting the implementation of EED article 7, and more recently an IEA survey on Market-based Instruments for Energy Efficiency.
This 4th meeting provides the opportunity to have feedback on these projects and to share experiences between public authorities and national agencies, as well as other EEO stakeholders. It will also allow exchange with the European Commission, at the time of the revision of the EED.
A specific survey on the changes that have occurred for the EEO schemes in Europe since the last WCC meeting in May 2015 will be delivered on this occasion, and two issues will be specifically addressed: Energy Poverty and EEO, and Monitoring and Verification.

=> Download the 2017 Snapshot of EEOs in Europe

=> Download the presentation Snapshot of EEOs in Europe

=> See more with ENERGIE PLUS 589 of 1st July 2017

=> Contact for the White Certificates Club : contactwcc@atee.fr

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